Pursuit of Spiritual Enlightenment and Design…Not So Different After All!

Karim Soliman
2 min readFeb 11, 2020


There came a time in my life when the ship set sail and unlike other ships, this one had no captain. The ship was its own captain!

I won’t dazzle you much on this point and what walking down the road of spiritual enlightenment could — or for a better description could NOT entail. There is much to talk about on that chapter but I will spare the details. The purpose I wish to speak about is to showcase to you the abundance of similarities between walking down that road of self-discovery and self-cleansing, with the world of Design.

The best designers in the world are all about having the right-mindset and don’t forget…the ability to constantly ITERATE. THAT’s the real gem of the works in Design. The ability to constantly draw on and on with multiple iterations until you get to that RIGHT feeling that this is it! Well folks — spiritual enlightenment is not so different.

Photo by Maria Hochgesang on Unsplash

To cleanse yourself you have to constantly drill down on yourself of all the FALSE within you — like peeling onion layers — one by one till you get to that crust that is the GEM of yourself.

That TRUE verison of yourself that is hopefully free of false identities. And the ONLY way to do this, is to constantly ITERATE yourself over and over, peeling one layer after another till you get to that RIGHT feeling that this is IT!

Design is to attain a solution to a problem. And that solution has to be constantly revamped in order to perfect it. The less of the clutter, the better is the solution. In the end, that is all you.

Happy peeling everyone!

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